History's Biggest Show-Offs

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Some people just can't resist showing off... and this BIG book introduces readers to some of the biggest braggers and loudest show-offs throughout history. This book takes young readers on a tour of some of history's greatest show-offs, from wealthy kings and queens who loved to splash the cash to masterful musicians who weren't shy about their talents or brilliant artists who could not stop telling others how great they were. Some of the showoffs in this book include: - Queen Marie Antoinette of France, who arrived for her wedding with 57 carriages pulled by 376 horses, - Alexander the Great, who named more than 70 cities in his vast empire after himself,... and one after his horse! - The Montgolfier brothers, who showed off their flashy new invention, the hot air balloon, in front of huge crowds and even the King and Queen! Andy Seed's hilarious text brings these crazy but true stories to life, as he tells readers tales about massive palaces, fast cars, monster banquets, immense armies, frilly outfits, dazzling bling, musical masterpieces, epic artworks, outrageous inventions and much, much more! Featuring long-dead leaders, artists, musicians and more, from all around the world, the snappy facts are paired with humorous character illustrations from the brilliant Sam Caldwell for maximum hilarity.

Andy Seed
Released NZ:
16 December 2022
235mm x 290mm
Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd